An MCU Movie For Every Season

Disney is on the cusp of making one hell of a purchase. If everything goes their way, Disney will gain every intellectual property under 20th Century Fox. While many (rightfully) fear what will happen to franchises like Predator and Alien, what I keep wondering is where are they going to fit all their Marvel characters?... Continue Reading →

How Marvel Can Introduce The FF And X-Men To The MCU

It seems as though the Merry Mutants and Marvel's First Family might be joining the MCU after all. With Disney offering $71 billion for the properties to return, and no antitrust roadblocks, the future is almost inevitable. Each property has its own challenges when trying to weave them into an already-dense narrative. Let's explore the options. Pull an... Continue Reading →

Time For Hollywood To Embrace GSM

Normalizing the broadness of the GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) community can't happen until it's normalized. That sounds dumb, I hear it when I read it out loud, but it's the truth. Hollywood has a severe inclusion problem. Not just in representation alone, but where representation is displayed. We've had some great movies championing, at... Continue Reading →

Warner Can Now Give DC A Fresh Start

Following the exit of 25-year Warner veteran Diane Nelson, it looks like Geoff Johns is stepping down as Chief Creative Officer of the DCEU as well. With all the recent shake-ups, will DC ever be a force to reckon with Marvel? Deadline is reporting the exit of yet another creative force in the (old) DCEU following Diane... Continue Reading →

Sesame Needs Some Street Knowledge

Updated information below 05/30/2018 Sesame Workshop is trying to sue STX for implying a connection between The Happytime Murders and the Sesame Street IP. The tagline in question, "No. Sesame. All street." is part of an R-Rated trailer for the film mentioned above, and appears on print materials. Here's the trailer to pass the time (warning:... Continue Reading →

A Spoiler-Free Future For The MCU

The Russo brothers are ready to unleash Avengers: Infinity War on the world, but have bad news internet theorists. The brothers, who filmed the follow-up Untitled Avengers back-to-back with Infinity War, say that the dust will have to settle before an official title is revealed. The future of the MCU is uncertain. Is This Really That... Continue Reading →

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