Mad Miller: Money Owed

Bad news if the one Cinematic Universes you were most excited about was Mad Max’s Wasteland. Disputes between George Miller and Warner Brothers will keep them off the roads more than any post-apocalyptic gas shortage.

David and Goliath

It’s come down to a he said/they said situation between the two. Miller alleges he and his team at Kennedy Miller Mitchell are owed $7 million for coming in under an agreed $157 million budget. WB says that they exceeded that cap and spent $185.1 million total. WB wanted some scenes left out of the movie, and Miller needed to add some new scenes to compensate. He says that the companies came to an agreement that the extra $31 million would not count towards the original budget constraint. WB disagrees. They say they only suggested things, like an alternate ending, not demanding one be shot. If Miller is in the right, this could be an example of studio meddling gone wrong – at least financially.

Miller feels his trust in Warner Bros. has been diminished to the point of not being able to continue with any follow-up to Fury Road. He is currently suing the company, which likely means WB doesn’t want to work with him anytime soon either. There goes the potential of a Furiosa spin-off that was going to be, undoubtedly, the greatest thing of all time.

A Long Road Ahead

Whether Miller will be able to take the franchise somewhere else is unknown, and will likely be influenced by whatever happens with the lawsuit. It’s very likely that the two companies signed into a multi-picture deal, what with the way franchises are these days. Who knows, maybe Fury Road wouldn’t have been so acclaimed without the supposed forced reworking.

George Miller had a long 17-year gap between Babe: Pig In The City and Mad Max: Fury Road. He’s mentioned multiple projects to students at NIDA, so there’s hope yet.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out Mad Max: Fury Road and if you can do so, see the Black and Chrome version. It won six of the nominated ten Academy Awards it was up for in 2015. Hopefully, both parties remember the success they had, and can have again, and can reach an amicable deal.


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