Will “Bill & Ted” Finally Fulfill Their Destiny?

Step aside Whovians; there’s another phonebooth looking to make some trips around space and time if everything goes well.

If someone told me there was still steam behind the potential Bill & Ted threequel a year ago, I would brush it off. Sure, there’s long been talk of a sequel, but Keanu Reeves always seems busy, and Alex Winter is…around I guess. But in a year where the original Karate Kid is getting a true story continuation by way of Cobra Kai, all bets are off.

Bill & Ted’s Story So Far

The cult-classic with a wonderfully camp premise is back in the news, and IMDB even has an active production title for the movie. The original, for those who aren’t aware, focuses on two high school friends, Ted Theodore Logan (Reeves) and Bill S Preston, ESQ. (Winter), who need to pass their history test. If Ted fails he’ll be sent to military school, ending the potential of the duo’s band “The Wyld Stallyns.”

What sounds like a basic 80’s teen comedy takes a hard swerve when the duo are told that they must pass the test in order to save the future. You see, Rufus (played by the late George Carlin) uses a modified phone booth to travel back in time to ensure the friends past the presentation, and are able to write the rock song that saves everyone. The two travel through key historical locations and times, end up with some hitchhikers from the past, the likes of Napoleon, Socrates and Abraham Lincoln, and ace their test.

The sequel was…not great. The two are faced with robot clones sent back to kill them. The two are indeed killed and must win their way back from the afterlife and save the day. It’s passable, not essential 90’s viewing.

Where In Time Do We Go From There?

With two men now in their 50’s, it seems as though anything untold should be left that way. Is there anything left to say about these characters?  Writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon seem to think so. They’re asking the ultimate question Bill & Ted question: “Whatever happened to the song that would bring world peace?”

The story will pick up with Bill and Ted, as adults, struggling with the fact that they have yet to write the world’s greatest song. Do they still have time? Will anyone take them seriously? Can the power of rock and roll change the course of the world? With hip-hop being the #1 listened-to genre in 2017, is there still room for The Wyld Stallyns? Hopefully, those questions will be answered sometime in the near future. If there’s a time for a bit of harmony in the world, there’s no better time than now.

Bill & Ted Face The Music has no official release date as of yet, but pre-production has commenced.

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