Movie News – March 24th

Every day there’s a tonne that goes on around Hollywood, a bit too much for just little ‘ol me. Here’s the movie news I care to talk about a prompt 24 hours after the fact.


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Cannes Isn’t A Fan Of Straight-To-Streaming Movies

It looks like Cannes got Spielberg’s memo and has excluded Netflix (and other SVOD) movies from competing in the festival. They can still be there, technically, but won’t be in contention for a Palma d’Or. Last year festival head Theirry Fremaux tried to convince Netflix to release “Okja” and “The Meyerowitz Stories” in cinemas to legitimize their showing, but Netflix refused. The new eligibility rules, similar to the Oscars, requires a theatrical release in France. Fremaux, like Spielberg, looks at the offerings of SVOD as “hybrids” that aren’t TV, but not quite a film either.


Everything Is Awesome For Tiffany Haddish

The last black unicorn is set to join Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks in the sequel to “The Lego Movie.” Tiffany Haddish, fresh off a bestselling book, a breakout performance in “Girls Trip,” and the comedic highlight at the 90th Academy Awards, looks to be continuing her rise in becoming a household name. Phil Lord and Chris Miller will produce along with Dan Lin. Mike Mitchell will take over directing duties from Lord and Miller for the sequel. The original “Lego Movie” helped solidify the careers of Lord and Miller netting $470 million worldwide. Warner Brothers ran with the Lego format, but their success never quite matched the original film. Tiffany Haddish’s role isn’t yet known, and neither are specific plot details. Warner Brothers look to a release date of  Feb 8, 2019.


Lord And Miller “Solo” Credit

Speaking of Lord and Miller, the two revealed they took executive producers credit for the upcoming “Solo” Star Wars spinoff. The duo was originally in the director seat(s), but creative differences had Lucasfilm bringing in Ron Howard to take over mid-production. Fan reaction was negative, but Howard is a reliable director. It’s unfortunate that Disney didn’t allow the pair to utilize their unique style. Loosening the reins on directors has proven successful with their Marvel output. “Solo” opens on May 25th this year.

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“Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply”

It seems like the new take on “Scarface” is back on track, as first reported by Deadline. This will be the second retelling, first seen in the 1932 original. Most people today are familiar with the Al Pacino 1983 version, or at least the posters that adorned every hip-hop head’s dorm room from the 90’s onward. Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer is Universal Pictures’ latest choice to rewrite an original take on the source material. Earlier drafts passed through the likes of David Ayer and the Coen brothers. Antoine Fuqua returned to helm the project after previous agreements fell apart. An action-packed revenge film is definitely in Fuqua’s wheelhouse – “King Kong ain’t got shit on me” is second only to “Say hello to my little friend” in the movie-quote pantheon. Martin Bregman, who produced the De Palma version, will return to producer duties for this retelling.

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Get Ready To Spice Up Your Life

Is the movie-going world ready to spice up their lives once more? Variety has revealed that the stars of “Spice World” are prepared for another go, as the Spice Girls are shopping around an animated superhero concept to various studios. The concept is not just for likenesses, but apparently, every group member is on board to voice their animated counterpart. As much as I’m in doubt of the Spice Girls being what tween girls need at the moment, I won’t argue that strong female superheroes are always welcome. More people need to see a reflection of themselves in a positive and larger-than-life perspective.

Opinions? Questions? Concerns? What are you excited about from yesterday’s news? Let me know in the comments below.

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