What Ado About “Star Wars”

Seems like some exciting things are brewing in a galaxy far, far away.

In the last few weeks, we’ve heard some interesting Star Wars related news. Rian Johnson basically scrapped everything J. J. Abrams had set out for “Episode IIX.” John Williams no longer wants to continue past “Episode IX.” Jon Favreau will be showrunner for the upcoming streaming service Disney has planned. Oh, and the end of “Rebels.” Needless to say, it’s been a busy month or so of news.

All of this points to some very interesting things to consider. One of the most interesting is when you consider that the Skywalker Saga is almost a thing of the past.

Consider that since Disney had taken the reigns under Kathleen Kennedy in 2014, we’ve had no real content that isn’t directly tied to a Skywalker tale. Sure, there are adjacent stories, but they all revolve around the same greater universe. Even “Solo” eventually informs the journey of the Skywalker clan, despite the movie not having those characters directly involved (that we know of). The opportunity to break away entirely is upon us.

Disney is faced with an opportunity to create Universe in which many wholly unique and separate events can take place. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this to happen. I have long thought of myself as a Star Wars fan, but have never been a super fan. I didn’t get so into the (pre-Disney) Extended Universe, even if I do know the broad strokes of what happened. I watched all the movies, but none of the animated stuff, even understanding it to be very good. I guess I just didn’t care about the same timeline. After over-consuming the original trilogy and being let down by the prequels, I just got burnt out of the Skywalkers and the universe revolving around their journey. I wanted something fresh.

After over 40 years (holy shit) we finally get to see the potential for something entirely new and different. No more John Williams score. No more Skywalkers, Kenobis, Organas, or Solos. I know this isn’t set in stone, and I know there have been video games and comic books that have reached out further in the past, but I’m talking about a seismic shift, not just a splinter for the curious. I really want Disney, known for being reverent to its classics, to take a leap of faith. You trusted Rian Johnson with a trilogy, and I want to see him let loose. I realize how divisive it might be to want something so different than what the franchise is built on, but I believe it’s time for a new generation to have their own heroes, even if the backdrop is familiar.

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