Where’s That Last Infinity Stone?

Marvel recently bumped up “Infinity War” to match the European market. Traditionally with these large blockbusters, North American audiences have to be wary of spoilers for about a week. This time we all get to watch Thanos collect all six Infinity Stones on April 27th.

But wait – where’s the last stone anyway?

There’s a prominent theory going right now is that “Black Panther” revealed the location of the last stone. It was, after all, the lead-in movie for “Infinity War,” and we haven’t yet seen the location of the elusive Soul Stone in any of the 17 movies prior.

Or have we?

There’s a popular theory that the Soul Stone ties in Wakandan history in form of the meteorite that provides the nation with its vibranium and power-giving heart-shaped flower. We see in “Black Panther” that consuming the plant allows a certain bloodline to commune with Black Panthers who’ve passed on in Djalia, Wakanda’s version of the afterlife. There’s also a very clear attack on Wakanda by Thanos and his army in the trailers for “Infinity War” and one might wonder why else he would target that location.

I don’t believe this theory holds up though. I think the Soul Stone has been right under our noses for a lot longer.

We can also perfectly account for every other stone so far: The blue Space Stone, which grants it’s user travel over great distances, is being held in the Tesseract and is currently with the Asgardians. The Mind Stone glows yellow on the forehead of Vision and pushes his knowledge far past anything that could have been programmed into him. The Nova Corps guards the purple Power Stone on Xandar. Its power and intention is to wipe out all life in an instant. It was used by a Celestial to do so and was Ronan’s intent. Aether or the Reality Stone is presumably still with The Collector on Knowhere. Most prominently seen as a red floating-liquid in “Thor: The Dark World,” this stone turns matter into dark matter. Its true power is likely more expansive, however, that’s all we understand so far. Last of the known stones is the Time Stone. This has been stored within the Eye of Agamotto, and is know hanging around the neck of Doctor Strange. When this stone glows green it’s user can manipulate time, moving back and forward at will, or creating contained loops.

So we’re caught up on the whereabouts and the colours. While trivial in many ways, the colour is the key to why I don’t think T’Challa gets his power from the missing Soul Stone. The stone we’re missing is orange in colour. Everything otherworldly about Wakanda and the Black Panther visions is bathed in purple and blue. Not indicative of our missing stone.


The question still lingers as to why Thanos directly attacks Wakanda. I think it’s obvious for a different reason. Wakanda is the most technologically-advanced civilization on Earth. It’s home to the worlds most resistant material. With a nation that is considered by the outside world to be poverty-level, it makes sense to cut off the most viable defense first and foremost.

Okay – so where is it? Heimdall. He’s had it the entire time. He says it directly to Thor in the first movie. Something along the lines of “seeing the nine realms and trillions of souls.” His eyes are orange, and in Thor’s vision – seen in “Age of Ultron” – Heimdall is powerless and without pupils. Pay close attention to his chest plate as you re-watch all of the movies before going to see “Infinity War” (that’s normal, right?) and you’ll see the stone sitting right in the center as part of Yggdrasill (the tree). It’s been staring at us the entire time.




There you have it, the most-likely final stone’s location. If Odin already had this and the Tesseract on Asgard, it makes sense why he’d want the Aether/Reality Stone as far away as possible, especially if it wasn’t useful to him.

Luckily we won’t have to wait too long. “Avengers: Infinity War” opens in most territories on April 27th.

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