“The Room” Might Be Going To Broadway, and I Have Mixed Feelings

There is little chance that if you know me long enough I won’t recommend watching Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room” at least once all the way through. This is a movie that is both the greatest and worst thing to ever be put to film. It’s so earnest that you can’t help but love it.

Now it seems Tommy has his eyes set on Broadway. The story is well suited for it – there are literally 6 locations in the entire movie. I just don’t know how on board I am.

On one hand, “The Room” is one of those things that has had long legs, and keep gaining more notoriety as the years go by. 2017’s “The Disaster Artist” definitely broadened the scope and audience potential, but now that James Franco is deep on the wrong side of the #MeToo movement, as well as a payment dispute with the original screenplay writer Ryan Moody,  the audience growth for the biopic is lessening by the day.

I truly believe “The Room” needs to be experienced by all. It’s truly bizarre. And while it’s difficult to get hands on a physical copy, and I have yet to see it available to stream anywhere there are “Rocky Horror”- style screenings in many major cities once a month or so, but those aren’t for everyone. A Broadway run would definitely bring it to fresh – and familiar – eyes.

My issues with turning this into a stage play is that the beauty of “The Room” is its sincerity. The movie is not good, but the way everyone is absolutely committed to the finished product shows. That’s what makes it great. The translation to the stage will likely put the unintentional comedy to the forefront.  I don’t think that’s where it belongs.  The laughs while watching are there because of how bizarrely honest to itself it all is. You can’t do this scene justice with a comedic beat to it:

Don’t get me wrong – I will see it if this happens. And perhaps seeing it played for laughs first will help the general public get through the dramatic film version. It worked with “The Evil Dead,” another classic cult movie. Just the fact that this is a possibility makes me happy. If you still haven’t seen the movie and want to jump in head-first, visit Tommy’s website and order a copy. It comes with a pair of Tommy Wiseau underwear. How can you lose?

Should “The Room” be adapted to Broadway? Should it be played for laughs? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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