Chris Hemsworth Set To Lead the new “MiB”

Sounds like Chris Hemsworth might have another franchise to bring some consistency once his tenure as Thor is finished.

Chris will become one of the newest letter-based agents in Sony’s revival of “Men in Black.” F. Gary Gray (“Fate of the Furious”) will direct this soft-reboot being written by the original “Ironman” duo Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. Sony looks to be taking a “Jurassic World” approach and acknowledging the previous trilogy, while not being beholden to its storyline or characters. There are also two roles yet to fill, a ‘black woman’ and ‘older man.’

The original film debuted in 1997 and was a large success for Sony and lead actor Will Smith. Two more movies and a cartoon show were spun off of the film’s interpretation of the original comic book series.

Fun fact: the original publisher, Aircel, was bought out by Malibu, who in turn was bought out by Marvel – now a Disney owned company itself. This is all to say that in some strange way, Chris Hemsworth will still be attached to a Marvel property. All hail The All-Powerful Disney corporation.

Here’s hoping Chris surprises everyone and writes and performs a theme song for it as well. The yet untitled “Men in Black” reboot is slated for a June 14th release next year.

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