Ang Lee and Will Smith team for “Gemini Man”

Long-in-gestation “Gemini Man” seems to finally be getting a release if Paramount Pictures has its way.

The journey from script to screen for “Gemini Man” has been a long one, reaching as far back as 1997 when it was originally pitched to Disney by Darren Lemke. The late Tony Scott was attached to the project in its early years.

The story follows a seasoned elite assassin who is being hunted by a skilled assailant who turns out to be a younger version of himself.

If this sounds a lot like the set up for Rian Johnson’s “Looper,” you’re correct. The two do seemingly share a near-identical premise. For Jerry Bruckheimer, Paramount Pictures and Sundance to put their weight behind this, one can imagine there is a definitive story difference to be found here.

“Gemini Man” will have the key visual difference from “Looper” for sure, as Will Smith will play both versions of his character using increasingly-popular de-aging CGI techniques. Ang Lee is no stranger to embracing new technologies in his filmmaking.

Filming has started in Georgia, as confirmed by WIll Smith’s Instagram account, with a release date projection of October 4th of next year.

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