Sesame Needs Some Street Knowledge

Updated information below 05/30/2018 Sesame Workshop is trying to sue STX for implying a connection between The Happytime Murders and the Sesame Street IP. The tagline in question, "No. Sesame. All street." is part of an R-Rated trailer for the film mentioned above, and appears on print materials. Here's the trailer to pass the time (warning:... Continue Reading →

A Case For Physical Media

There's a reliance on streaming media for movie consumption, and it grows every year. The days of scouring a DVD rack at the store has passed for many. Physical media is considered passe to many people. The argument is that with a little patience the same content can eventually be streamed from home. While that... Continue Reading →

A Spoiler-Free Future For The MCU

The Russo brothers are ready to unleash Avengers: Infinity War on the world, but have bad news internet theorists. The brothers, who filmed the follow-up Untitled Avengers back-to-back with Infinity War, say that the dust will have to settle before an official title is revealed. The future of the MCU is uncertain. Is This Really That... Continue Reading →

Theaters May Be Going More Digital With LED

Ahead of CinemaCon 2018 Samsung is set to open the first LED screen in the U.S. Another Step Towards Front-To-Back DIgital The technology was featured at last years CinemaCon by Samsung and Sony as an alternative, an eventual replacement, of projectors. The modular system allows for various sizes, and hopefully, moderate repairs if pixels get damaged. There... Continue Reading →

Mad Miller: Money Owed

Bad news if the one Cinematic Universes you were most excited about was Mad Max's Wasteland. Disputes between George Miller and Warner Brothers will keep them off the roads more than any post-apocalyptic gas shortage. David and Goliath It's come down to a he said/they said situation between the two. Miller alleges he and his team... Continue Reading →

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